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Compressport Pro Racing Socks V3.0 Trail


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Trail runners’ feet go through a lot uneven terrains with stones and rocks, mud, water… On long and ultra-long distances, feet comfort is highly important. Compressport’s PRS V3 Trail are designed to deliver a maximum support and protection to your feet combined with a perfect moisture management for a superior comfort. Ergonomic and nicely fitted, they avoid unnecessary chafing and wounds. Two external stabilizers bring more stability and strength to your impacts with the ground. A slightly compressive band around the arch support prevent the socks from turning or sliding down in your sneakers. Most importantly, it stimulates venous return delivering more tonicity to your stride. Ventilated strips combined with fast-drying fibers enable the socks to dry very quickly so you avoid wet feet and blisters. Every detail and technology have been thought to prevent overheating and add comfort. An additional protection of the big toe protects from the impacts with the ground. Seamless and elastic-free, they do not create irritation or pressure. In the ergonomic toe box, the forefoot can lie comfortably. Those red and white trail running socks are the best for all your ultra-trail races and hiking sessions.

  • Support - Support is given in various ways: a 360
  • Protection - The trail series of pro racing socks have a double malleolus protectionprocured by the 3D.Dots technology; rubbing and pressure from the shoe are prevented.
  • 3D.Dots - The multi-functional 3D dots will stimulate blood flow, absorb vibrations, protect tendons and muscles, prevent slipping and help extract water.