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Insoles and Fit Customization

Spenco RX ArchCushions Insoles

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Spenco Rx® Arch Cushions reduces foot discomfort and arch compression caused by constant pounding. Absorbs impact, shock and side-to-side friction. Soft support for the arch. Same long-lasting quality insole material as the slip-in insole but with an added soft arch cushion for extra comfort. Available in full length cushion for heel to toe comfort or in a 3/4 length cushion extending from the heel to the base of the toes.

The 3/4 length allows extra toe room in tighter fitting shoes. "Closed cell" system helps reduce friction and side-to-side forces which cause blistering of the skin Helps prevent blisters and calluses.

"Closed cell" system won't flatten out Helps cushion and absorb shock. Helps maximize energy return. Helps protect the heel, arch and mid foot area gives greater foot support and stability. Helps keep foot from rolling inward.