Moving Comfort

Moving Comfort started when there were no women’s workout clothes. It sounds like a faraway land and time, but really it was March 13, 1977 in Arlington, Virginia. The two founders were women in their 20s who loved to run but hated the strange-fitting men’s shorts they had to run in.

In the 30 years since, Moving Comfort haven’t strayed once from our original trail. They’re proud to say that every stitch they’ve ever sewn was intended for a woman.

Moving Comfort have learned a lot in the last decades about how to make clothes even better, especially when it comes to fabric technologies. Now other brands make women’s specific clothing, of course, but no other company participates in every aspect of research, design and production — from pattern room to running path — like they do. In the last 30 years, they’ve also become obsessed with thigh rubbing, armpit chafing, cinching and pinching, which is how they created a four-part philosophy that inspires everything we do: Moving means moving.Quality comes first.Fit affects everything.Running Responsibly