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Runner's Protein

Runner's Protein is runner formulated to the exact post-run requirements of all runners using the highest quality and minimal ingredients.

All in One Drink Mix

Seriously Vanilla 690g

Best for: after your run within 30 minutes

  • Rapidly top up and prolong your glycogen stores to maximize recovery and energy
  • Repair and grow your muscles with 20g of complete protein
  • Rebalance with 403mg of electrolytes
  • Easily adjust carbs to protein ratio with 1:1 base
  • All in one ensures runner's post-run requirements met well within 30 minute window
  • Supports improved subsequent runs when taken post-run within window
Plant based -- creamy vanilla taste; approx.15 servingsIngredients: fava bean protein, sweet potato flour, maltodextrin, pea protein, organic rice protein, sugar, natural flavor, sea salt, stevia extract, xanthin gum