ASICS World Ekiden 2021


Represent Toronto at the World Ekiden Challenge 2021

It is our pleasure to invite you to join The Runners Shop as we represent Toronto in the ASICS World Ekiden Challenge of 2021.

What you need to know.

Compete in this global event with your run club, friends, or on our Runners Shop team. To compete and represent Toronto on a global scale, follow the steps below.

For those who want to compete in person, we will run the Ekiden on November 21, 9:00 AM, at the Leslie Street Spit (entrance to Tommy Thompson Park - map here). 

What is an Ekiden?

Inspired by Japanese running culture, the Ekiden is a marathon relay event where teams of six (6) compete for the fastest time possible.

Each team is made up of six runners. Two team members will run 10k, 3 team members will run 5k and one team member will run 7.2 km.

Why run this event?

Aside from participating in a super-fun, in-person relay-style race, The Runners Shop is offering some AWESOME prizing:

- Win the Grand Prize just by entering!

Register a team to be entered to win a pair of ASICS shoes for every member

The draw will be held at the completion of the race.

Every registrant will receive a $20 gift card to The Runners Shop for any ASICS shoes or apparel

- Each team captain will receive a Tasuki sash to pass at the relay at the Leslie Spit

- A junior prize pack will be awarded to the fastest all female, all male and fasted mixed team (must have at least 2 women) at our in-person event (including water bottles, running accessories, and other goodies)

How long will it take?

This will only take an hour! Don't worry, we're not waiting for a marathon to end. ⏳

Each team is made up of six runners. Two team members will run 10k, 3 team members will run 5k and one team member will run 7.2 km.

Race format:

9:00 AM - 2x 10 km runners on each team start

9:02 AM - 2x 5 km runners on each team start

The remaining 5 km & 7.2 km runners will wait for the 2x 5 km runners to return and pass the team Tasuki.

How to participate.

To represent the city of Toronto & so we can find your results in this global event roster, your team must use the following naming convention when registering:

TheRunnersShop + Toronto + TEAM NAME

For example:

TheRunnersShop Toronto Pace&Mind Open


TheRunnersShop Toronto Harriers Men


TheRunnersShop Toronto UofT Women

*When registering, When asked what category will your team be in, please select RETAIL PARTNERS

Team captains will be asked to select a leg for themselves to complete when registering and will create a code to give to the rest of their 5 team members to register/select their legs of the relay.


We would love to see you at this year’s Ekiden. We're honored to be the Retail Partner for Toronto that is helping all our run clubs compete with the other teams worldwide.


PS. If you're into that social media scene, be sure to tag @asics, @asicscanada, and @runnersshopto and use the hashtag #ASICSWorldEkiden