Greg Lindsay


Greg is the newest addition to The Runners Shop team, having been scooped

Greg with a giant bowl of chili at the Cabot Trail Relay

away from the world of luxury hospitality. Greg’s customer service skills are legendary, he's a long time runner and cyclist, and if you ever need a good wine or food recommendation along with a pair of new shoes, he's your man.

What distances do you run?

My running and cycling adventures have taken many forms over the years and include racing every distance from 5km to the marathon and the Cabot Trail Relay 13 times on a team with Lynn, the Boss at The Runners Shop. 

What is one of your more unusual adventures?

I have been known to drag friends out of bed at 4:30 in the morning on a -25 January morning to run the Don Valley trails by full moon.

What do you think about when you think about running?

FREEDOM! For the body and the mind. When I think about running, I don’t only think about the literal ground I cover – I also think about how much “ground” I cover in my mind.  As Ben, The Runners Shop Yoda of shoes says, “The body is a thinking machine.” There is nothing like running to spur it on.

True or false: a pair of good shoes is as good as a great bottle of Bordeaux?

Hmmm…tough one. Let me drink the wine and think about it.