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Epitact Epitheliumtact 02 Toe Caps

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EPITHELIUMTACT 02 Toe Caps have been specially designed for sports where the toes are susceptible to repeated shocks against the insides of footwear like running. They protect the toes, relieve pain, and allow the wearer to continue activity while still performing well.


Toe Caps are made of 1 mm thick, ultra-resistant silicone gel in which the viscoelastic properties are close to the skin. The toe caps will distribute the pressure and absorb the micro-shocks through dissipation of energy in the gel thus preventing any risk of toenail bruising or blistering.


Toe Caps relieve pain, making it possible to participate in sports and remain competitive.

  • 82 % silicone
  • 18 % polyamide/elastane fabric
  • Toe Caps are sold in packs of two
  • Washable and reusable


Small: Women’s second and third toe

Medium: Men’s second and third toe

Large: Women’s big toe

XL: Men’s big toe