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Epitact PHYSIOstrap FLEX 01 Knee Brace

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The PHYSIOstrap FLEX 01 is patellar knee brace for running. They can be worn to help relieve knee pain as well as prevent long-term damage.


Wearing the PHYSIOstrap FLEX 01 helps relieve patella (kneecap) disorders (patella syndrome, patellar instability, patellar tendinitis, etc.). In the case of a knee injury resulting in sequelae (fragile ligaments, arthritis, etc.), it contributes to the stability of articulation when resuming sports activities.


EPITHELIUMFLEX combines a patented silicone support tendon with high performance REFLEX compression fabric to improve kneecap support and knee stability.

  • This concentrated technology in less than 60g was specifically designed for sports (for both pain and prevention). It does not slip and does not cause any discomfort behind the knee (popliteal fossa).
  • Being ultra-lightweight and extra thin, it can be worn under all types of clothing.
  • Sold individually.  Can be worn on the left or right knee.
  • 30 % silicone
  • 70 % tissu polyamide/elastane fabric
  • Machine wash at 40°C or hand wash (without rubbing), leave to dry naturally. Do not iron.


Measure the outline of your knee in the half flexed position by placing a tape measure in the centre of the kneecap.

Small: 35cm< <38cm

Medium: 38cm< <41cm

Large: 41cm< <44cm

XL: >44cm