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Goodr Glasses

Whiskey Shots with Satan
Becky's Bachelorette Bacchanal
Going to Valhalla...witness!
Silverback Squat Mobility
Gardening With A Kraken
Falkor's Fever Dream
A Ginger's Soul
Flamingos on a Booze Cruise
Donkey Goggles
Orange You Glad We Didn't Say Banana?
Not the Mama
Phoenix At A Bloody Mary Bar
Maybe the Dino Ate Your Baby
Sunbathing with Wizards
BFG Ninjia Kick the Damn Rabbit
BFG Grass Fed Babe Steaks
BFG Makeup Time With Clifford
Swedish Meatball Hangover
Iced By Yetis
Frank's Llama Land Ditty
Sunset "Squishee" Brain Freeze
Nessy's Midnight Orgy
Apple Jack The Ripper
Son Of Toucan Sam
What's In The Box??!!
Hearts, Stars, And Zodiac Scars
Natural Born Krispies
Mick and Keith's Midnight Ramble
Irish for a Day
Figment's Desert Tears
Opossum's Opposable Thumbs
Feather O' The Phoenix
RIP Augustus Gloop
This Is Sparta!!!! (It's Not)
Gangrene Runner's Toe

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Goodr was founded to destroy the boundary between working out and having fun, between utilitarian and fashionable.

Most runners do not wear high tech performance sunglasses; you'll find thousands of race-goers and casual runners wearing fun, bright, and cheap wayfarer glasses. 

Who wants a pair of $250+ sports glasses that could fall on the ground and get trampled (or scratched up in your gym bag)? Not us. 

Goodr glasses combine the best of both worlds: affordable and quality stylish glasses. 

    Their mission is to ignite and unite the spirits of active people. When you look good, you play gooder. 
    Lens: Polarized
    Lens: UV400 Protection
    Frame: PC frame with grip coating
    Weight: 22 grams