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KronoBar Protein


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Enjoy a protein bar as a snack or for breakfast!

Kronobar protein bars are made to be taken AFTER a workout. The 15 grams of plant-based protein in each bar enhances muscle recovery and allows the body to replenish glycogen reserves more quickly. Because Kronobar bars are made from 100% all-natural vegetable protein, they're easy to digest and are a good balance between pleasantly chewy and slightly firm.


Everybody can enjoy the delicious taste of Kronobar bars! With their rich protein intake, quality ingredients and savoury flavours, they make for a filling and flavour-packed snack or can be part of a healthy breakfast.


- 15 g of plant-based proteins

- 100% natural source of carbohydrates

- NO added sugar

- Vegan

- Easy to digest

- Allergen-free & NO preservatives

- Easy to open packaging