PowerBar Energy Gels




When your entire body begins to burn, when the challenge has taken you to the max, fuel up with PowerGel® Energy Gels. Each gel packet is designed with 30 grams of PowerBar®’s C2MAX dual source energy blend, which can help deliver 20 to 50 percent* more energy to your muscles. Not only that, PowerGel® Energy Gels have the most sodium** of any leading gel on the market. So if you’re the type of athlete that continues to push yourself on to new heights and achievements each day, PowerGel® Energy Gels can help boost your performance.

When to eat PowerGel® Energy Gels
Consume 1 PowerGel® Energy Gel every 20-45 minutes during activity, followed by a few sips of water

On the field or on the road, tear open the package, drink, and chase with a few gulps of water.

PowerGel® Energy Gels are designed to be used interchangeably with PowerBar® Ironman Perform™ sports drink, a serious sports drink specifically developed by the sports nutrition experts at PowerBar®. Both products are ideal before and during exercise, specifically for endurance training and sports. That’s why you’ll see committed cyclists, runners, and triathletes packing these gels when they’re training.

More details:

During competition, or training sessions lasting over an hour, consume 1 energy gel every 20–45 minutes during exercise, along with a few gulps of water.
PowerGel® Energy Gels are available with 25 mg or 50 mg of caffeine per gel packet (50 mg of caffeine is equal to about half a cup of coffee). This is important, because some athletes use caffeine strategically during long-duration events, either by preloading with caffeine just before competing, or by consuming caffeine throughout or in the later stages of an event. You can also get them caffeine-free if caffeine is not part of your regimen.