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Thorlo Experia ProLite Running Socks


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Performance socks for marathons, ultra-marathons and endurance running.

New Nano Glide Technology®’s coefficient of FRICTION is 0.1 or less, which is the second lowest of any solid material known to mankind; meaning Experia® ProLite offers maximum abrasion control virtually eliminating the chance for blisters. It’s the friction from the sock on the skin that produces heat; your body reacts by producing sweat to help cool the skin. If that sweat is not quickly wicked away, blister causing conditions increase amazingly fast.

The friction-free nature of NanoGLIDE® in conjunction with its cooling and wicking properties create the best “bio-environment” for the distance runner’s feet. If you are a “heavy sweater” (hyperhidrosis) you will really appreciate the hydrophobic properties of NanoGLIDE® to move the moisture away from your foot at incredible speed and out of the sock to the shoe and on to the external environment.