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Watuko Headgear Wickie

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The bamboo Multifunctional Tube. 100% Unique and Uni-Sex; nothing like it in the market! Say no to "polyester microfibre" headwear and say YES to eco-friendly organic bamboo headwear!

All Watuko multifunctional headwear is made from the cellulose of Bamboo. Bamboo is quick drying and moisture-wicking. The fabric is filled with micro-gaps; making it impeccable for ventilation, breathability, and moisture absorption. Not to mention Watuko Bamboo Headgear feels like silk against your skin.

  • multiuse/multifunctional
  • uni-sex
  • super-soft bamboo
  • superior wind resistance
  • superior breathability
  • superior moisture-wicking
  • superior ventilation
  • colourfast textiles
  • highly durable
  • lightweight
  • eco-friendly
  • fast drying
  • naturally hypoallergenic
  • woven with micro-gaps
  • seamless