Ben Nelson


Ben is The Runners Shop resident shoe guru. He's the guy who makes sure your favourite shoe is on the wall, and he can give you a marathon answer to any sprint question you may have about shoes (and lots of other stuff too). He has run every distance from 400 metres to 100 miles.

How did you become such an expert on shoes?

I’ve always liked shoes. I remember, as a kid, watching shoe salespeople lace up brand new kicks and thinking that was something I would enjoy doing. When I rediscovered running in my early twenties, it was a logical gateway to helping others with their footwear choices. I earned my expert stripes absorbing all the info I could, while working the sales floor.

What are some of your favourite races?

Haliburton Forest Trail 50 Mile, Pick your Poison 50K, Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, Chilly Half Marathon.

What would you tell your younger less experienced running self?

Not every run is a race! Not every run is great, but no run is ever bad.