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Meet Your Coach: Roger Moss 

Roger has a long and rich running history. Most of his running career has been has been self-coached, earning him PBs of 2:43:57 and 1:16:23 in the marathon and half-marathon, and he took it to the next level at the Comrades 90k Marathon.

With his deep experience, Roger has been coaching runners of varying ability and age for 10 years, helping them achieve their running goals. He knows what works and how to approach a goal race.

Roger is passionate about running and coaching – he likes nothing more than sitting down to put together a season-long training program. He loves helping people be the best runners they can be.

As the Runner’s Shop coach, Roger aims to:

  1. Help runners meet their short and long-term running goals through targeted training programs
  2. Monitor and provide feedback
  3. Organize training groups of runners with similar abilities who will be able to run together during runs
  4. Supervise Thursday training sessions throughout the season
  5. Advise runners on race preparation and strategy

Since everyone's goals are personal, we offer a variety of club membership options, and race-specific programs.  To become a member, or for more information, visit our TRS Run Club page.