Lynn Bourque


Lynn is the owner of The Runners Shop. Having personally experienced the life-

changing power of running, Lynn tries to share her enthusiasm with others every day, whether in the store or on the roads.

What motivates you as owner of The Runners Shop?

I came late to running – I was 34 and a mother of two young kids. The joy, the calm, the resilience that running gave me hooked me for life. I’m passionate about creating that same positive running experience for others.

What does every runner need?

A good pair of shoes! My expert staff and I are here to make sure you are hitting the streets and trails in the shoe that is best for you!

What’s your favourite racing experience?

I’ve run the Cabot Trail Relay Race 13 times and I love it! There are 17 legs in the race, and I look forward to running them all. The scenery in Cape Breton is exceptional, and running as part of a team is unbeatable.

When you’re not in the store, where can we find you?

Most likely running through the Cedarvale Ravine.