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Our coached membership includes an option of 3 weekly group runs (Thursday, Saturday and Sunday) and a customized training plan put together by our coaching team. The coached plan is typically aimed at people who want to focus their training toward a specific goal (ex. fall/spring marathon, or summer 5k). 

Our uncoached membership welcomes you to 2 group runs a week, (Saturday and Sunday) but does not include a structured plan. This is generally aimed towards runners who are less sure about their long term goals, but who want to enjoy the company of a great group run. In both membership options, you will find the same great running community!

Our weekly run schedule is as follows:

Thursdays 6:30 PM Coached run. 

This run is aimed towards the goal of our run club depending on the time of year. The distance and workout are determined by your coached training program. 

The run is normally 8-15k long, and includes intervals, warm ups, and stretches at our coaches discretion. 

Saturdays 8:30 AM Casual Run 

This is our most casual run.  A great way to meet new people and get into the running community. Try new products at our weekend demos and join us for coffee and meetups.

It’s great for beginners, those looking to come back to running after a hiatus, those looking to get in some extra distance or folks just looking for a conversational run.

Distance is 5K.

Sundays 8:00 AM Long Run (8:30 AM in winter)

Our Sunday long runs change with our race cycle. We run anywhere from 12-32k depending on ability and timing in our training plans! Pace is relaxed to start, and smaller pace groups will break off as the run progresses and will run anywhere from 4:45/km-6:00/km. 

The most important thing to bring is a pair of good running shoes and a smile! For longer runs we would recommend you have a handheld water bottle or hydration belt. 

All runs start and end from the shop, so if you accidentally overdress, you are more than welcome to shed a layer, and keep it safe at the shop.

To be able to enjoy the casual Saturday run to its fullest, you should be able to run about 5K without stopping.

Coached runs (Thursdays and Sundays) range from 4:30/km to 6:00/km in pace.

If you are not there quite yet, feel free to reach out and we will help you get started.

Yes! All Saturday and Sunday runs are drop-in friendly on a trial basis.

Feel free to check it out before you commit!

Absolutely! All run club members receive 10% off regularly priced shoes and apparel in store, access to run club exclusive merchandise, and discounts on partner races in the community.

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