Olivia Hoskin


Olivia is our social media, website, and marketing specialist. In other words, the glue that holds us together and connected to our running community. 

How did you find your calling as a social media expert?

I’ve been using social media ever since it was invented, and I’ve been working in the field for almost as long. One of my first jobs was in social media at an affiliate marketing agency in Montreal. 

You've dealt with a lot of injuries – any words of wisdom for others?

From experience I’ve learned that a lot of injuries aren't actually directly related to the area that's sore. For example, everything is connected to your feet! Improving your core and pelvic strength can therefore improve your foot health. 

Name 5 things every runner should have

1. Shoes! 

2. A second pair of shoes!

3. Good socks.

4. A lacrosse ball.

5. A post-run coffee and/or beer. 

What is your favourite place to run in Toronto?

In the east end on the Don Valley River trail or out to the Leslie spit.