Why You Probably Need a New Sports Bra

Important facts coming at ya fast!

Dear all wear-ers of sports bras, 

Your bra probably isn't supporting you the way it used to and while your breasts appreciate the time you had together, it's time to move on to newer bras.

You are probably wearing the wrong sized bra

Did you know that 8/10 of people who require a sports bra are wearing the wrong size? That's 80%! Eighty. Freaking. Percent. I feel like some of our breasts might get up and leave us at this point if we continue treating them this way. 

But hang on. It's not all our fault!

There are a few reasons we could be in the wrong size: 

  • old/worn out bras not fitting the way they used to
  • weight or muscle gain
  • weight loss
  • pregnancy 
  • wrong bra style 
  • choosing comfort over functionality

And probably a few others we could dig deep for! 

Not all bras are created equal

Just like running shoes, you need to find the right fitting bra to provide the required support for the activity at hand. Think of a bra as another essential piece of running equipment (and you thought this sport was supposed to be cheap). 

And just like a gait analysis for shoes, to find the right bra for you, you may need an experienced fitter's help.

All bras require an individualized fit and everyone should be remeasured for a sports bra every year, after major weight gain/loss, or when the bra style changes.

The life of the average bra is only 6-12 months

Even less if you dry your bra in the dryer! Has your bra celebrated a birthday recently? It might be time to think about replacing it. 

You can usually tell when a pair of shoes are blown out... which means you should have replaced them a few months prior to help avoid injury. Same goes for these bras. 

While it might be slightly less evident that a sports bra has passed it's prime, if the elastic is worn out, the straps constantly slide or need adjusting, or it simply looks worse for the wear, it's time to go.   

The more active you are, the sooner you'll need a new bra

But don't worry, here are some tips to make your old friends last longer:

  • hand washing (but who has time for that?)
  • wash with mild detergent on delicate setting and in cold water
  • use a lingerie bag to separate bras
  • SKIP the fabric softener (on all sports clothes, not just bras)
  • always line dry all bras 

Skimmed this post?

The key takeaway here is to replace your bra every 6-12 months!

A lack of support will put more stress on your body. This may sometimes cause discomfort and pain outside of workouts but even if it does not, it will absolutely cause premature sagging in breast tissue.

Plus, an ill-fitting or old bra can inhibit performance and we always want you at your best! 

See us in-store for a fitting or check out our collection of sports bras here, available for every shape and size of athlete. 


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