Wide Running Shoes: Identifying the Need and Best Options

The fit of a running shoe can make or break one's experience on the trail or pavement. For those with broader feet, finding the right fit is essential. Here's a guide to identifying if you need wide running shoes and the best options available.

Signs You Need a Wide Running Shoe

  1. Persistent Blisters: Regularly developing blisters on the sides of your feet could indicate that your shoes are too narrow.

  2. Toe Crowding: If your toes feel cramped and cannot lie flat, your shoes might be too tight.

  3. Visible Foot Overhang: If the sides of your feet extend over the shoe's sole, a wider fit is needed.

Advantages of Wide Running Shoes

  • Enhanced Comfort: A wider toe box allows toes to splay naturally, increasing comfort during runs.

  • Injury Prevention: Properly fitted shoes reduce the risk of blisters, bunions, and other foot-related issues.

  • Improved Performance: A shoe that fits correctly can positively impact running form and efficiency.

Best Running Shoes for Wide Feet

While there is no "best" shoe for someone with wide feet, a number of popular running shoes come in a "wide" option. The wide version of a "B" width shoe is a "D" and the wide version of a "D" width shoe is "EE." There is also extra wide, or "EEEE."

Some popular options for wide shoes include:

  1. New Balance 860: Known for its support and available in wide sizes.

  2. Brooks Ghost: A neutral shoe with a roomy toe box, perfect for those with wider feet.

  3. Asics GT 2000: Offers stability and comes in wide variations, ensuring a snug fit without squeezing.

  4. Altra running shoes: Altra's foot-shaped toe box ensures that all your tootsies have room to spread out. A great option for a "natural" fit. 

Tips for Purchasing

  • In-Store Fittings: Always try shoes in-store when possible. Late afternoons are ideal as feet tend to swell slightly by then.

  • Consider Socks: Wear the type of socks you usually run in when trying on shoes.

  • Flexibility: Ensure the shoe bends at the same point your foot does for optimal comfort.


Having wide feet doesn't mean compromising on the quality or fit of your running shoes. With the right guidance and options, every run can be a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Do you suspect you might need wide running shoes?

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