Top 10 carbon running shoes for setting a new personal record.

Run fast and set a new record this year with these carbon running shoes. 

Hello again, runner! 

Are you planning to run some spring races and curious about the "magical" carbon plated running shoes everyone is raving about? Well, wonder no more. 

As this month is carbon shoe month at The Runners Shop, we’re dedicating our channels to educating our runner friends about the incredible innovation of carbon shoes. 

For some history and education on carbon shoes, check out our most recent Instagram post here. 

There has been a lot of innovation by almost every brand in terms of creating a carbon plated running shoe. 

Here are some critical callouts for this year:

  • Unisex sizing 
  • We love to see the unisex sizing. This helps reduce waste and promotes inclusivity (it’s also MUCH easier for each brand). 

    Please note that all unisex-sized products on our site are listed in the D width (male) sizing. If you’re looking for a women’s fit (B width), order 1.5 sizes smaller than what you usually wear.

  • Carbon shoes for training 
  • In the past, carbon shoes were very much “racing” shoes. Sure, you could train in them, but as the original carbon plated runners “expired” after about 250-300 km, they weren’t convenient for long training cycles, and most serious athletes just used them for running races. 

    As we’ve had a few years since the release of the shoe that spurred the carbon plated movement, Nike’s Vapor Fly 4%, many brands have developed carbon plated (or rockered/plastic plated) alternatives for logging your training miles. 

    We also love to see this! Not only because carbon shoes are expensive, but because you now have a “fast” shoe to train and run races in.

    Let’s take a look at our top ten carbon running shoes of the year. 

    Please note that the order of this list is alphabetic. We all have our brand preferences, and since virtually every brand has a carbon-fiber running shoe now, you have your pick of the cream of the crop. 

    Choose the shoe/brand you’re familiar with or feel best on your foot since you will be racing in it. 

    1. Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 2 

    Now that’s a mouthful. But it’s also a shoe-full. 

    This carbon plated shoe is light, fast, and designed for explosive speed on race day. The Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 2 (or just the Adios Pro 2) can be used on a training run or race day. Either way, they were designed to go fast! 

    The upper is mesh, so you’ll be cool in the summer, and is made of partially recycled polyester. The carbon technology is Adidas’ “EnergyRods” with a carbon heel plate. Two layers of Lightstrike Pro foam help with energy return. 


    • Unisex sizing
    • Partially recycled materials
    • Breathable mesh upper 
    • Ultra-grippy Continental Rubber for ultimate traction at speed 
    • 8.5mm heel-toe drop
    • 215.5g/7.6 oz 

      2. Adidas Adizero Boston 10 

      If you’re looking for another fantastic option from Adidas, consider the Adizero Boston 10 for training and race day. 

       The Boston 10 will be a faithful partner throughout your training journey for when you need to run strides, mile repeats, or interval or tempo training. With super light, responsive cushioning, you’ll be comfortable AND fast.  

      A lightweight mesh upper and thoughtful heel padding keep you comfortable on your faster training runs. This shoe features anatomically designed fiberglass fused Energy Rods with Lightstrike Pro foam and Lightstrike EVA for durability, plus a classic Adidas Continental rubber outsole. 


      • Made with Primegreen - high-performance recycled materials (50% of the upper is recycled content and NO virgin polyester)
      • Designed for training AND racing 
      • 8.5mm heel-toe drop 
      • 266.5g/9.4oz 

      3. ASICS Magic Speed

      Next on the list is the ASICS Magic Speed, designed for racing and regular training runs. It’s a versatile model that allows you to move your body without restriction. 

      The design of the Magic Speed propels your foot thanks to Guidesole technology and an asymmetrical carbon composite forefoot plate for a smooth rolling sensation.  

      The midsole is stacked with FF Blast cushioning to add a responsive feel and keep the shoes lightweight. 

      This is a low-foam carbon shoe for athletes that still appreciate some groudfeel.

      With an engineered mesh upper, this shoe will be a cool one for spicy summer runs.  Ahar rubber on the outsole makes it super durable, as well. 


      • Asymmetrical carbon composite forefoot plate 
      • Low stack height & responsive cushioning 
      • Engineered mesh upper to stay cool
      • 5mm heel-toe drop 
      • 190g/6.7oz (lightweight)

      4. ASICS Metaspeed Edge & Sky 

      Moving on to the ASICS Metaspeed Edge and Metaspeed Sky, this carbon duo has a much higher stack with more cushioning for longer runs and races. 

      What’s the difference? The ASICS Metaspeed Edge is for cadence runners, and the ASICS Metaspeed Sky is best for stride runners. 

      • Cadence runners change cadence (number of steps) easier as they run faster. As they run faster, both their cadence and stride length increase. 
      • Stride runners take a longer stride once they increase their speed, but their cadence remains mostly the same.

      Your smartwatch can help you figure out your type of runner. Check out the cadence and stride length options on a casual run versus a speed workout. If both metrics increase, you are a cadence runner. If your cadence remains mostly the same, you’re a stride runner.  

      ASICS Metaspeed Edge 

      The Metaspeed Edge features a propulsive carbon plate, responsive cushioning, and unique midsole geometry that helps you conserve energy in later stages of the run or race to finish stronger. 

      Built with cadence-style runners in mind, the components of this shoe help these runners elongate their stride while conserving energy and controlling the pace. 

      This engineered mesh upper improves airflow while keeping cool feet and is 100% recycled polyester. Flytefoam Blast Turbo midsole foam cushions your feet and keeps the shoe lightweight and responsive. A curved construction and carbon plate from the midfoot to the front guide the body forward. 


      • 100% recycled upper 
      • Built for cadence-style runners 
      • 8mm heel-toe drop
      • 160g/5.6oz 

          ASICS Metaspeed Sky 

          The Metaspeed Sky features a propulsive carbon plate, responsive cushioning, and unique midsole geometry that helps you conserve energy in later stages of the run or race to finish stronger. 

          Built for stride-style runners, the midsole foam and carbon plate help you conserve energy while controlling the pace. 

          This engineered mesh upper improves airflow while keeping cool feet and is 100% recycled polyester. Flytefoam Blast Turbo midsole foam cushions your feet and keeps the shoe lightweight and responsive. A curved construction and carbon plate from the midfoot to the front guide the body forward. 


          • 100% recycled upper 
          • Built for stride-style runners 
            • 5mm heel-toe drop 
            • 165g/5.9oz

            The main difference between these two shoes is the lower drop in the Metaspeed Sky. Stride-style runners benefit from a lower differential, and ASICS is the first brand to cater to this difference. 

            5. Brooks Hyperion Elite 2

            The Hyperion Elite 2 was constructed to bring you to your best performance. Helping runners reach their maximum potential on race day through ultralight construction and DNA Flash cushioning surrounding a unique carbon fiber plate. 

            The DNA Flash midsole compound is nitrogen-infused for energy return and lightness. With a broader midsole than most carbon shoes, the Hyperion Elite 2 is an excellent option for runners that require a more stable ride. Rapid Roll tech (curved sculpting of the heel) helps propel you forward. 


            • Unisex sizing (women order 1.5 sizes below your usual)
            • Nitrogen infused midsole foam 
            • 8mm heel-toe offset
            • 7.6oz 

              6. HOKA Carbon X3 

              Built for training and racing, the HOKA Carbon X3 is positioned in the world of carbon shoes as an endurance racer. 

              With an aggressive Meta-Rocker, this shoe is built for long distances. The Carbon X3 is a more refined version of the first two iterations, with softer, lighter foam and a focus on fit. 

              An engineered mesh upper is breathable on hot days, while the integrated knit tongue helps keep the midfoot locked down. Anatomical Achilles' construction keeps everything where it should be. 


              • Removable, molded EVA sock liner & Achilles support 
              • Classic HOKA Meta-Rocker design 
              • Built for endurance 
              • 5mm heel-toe drop 
              • 222g/7.8oz 

              Can’t find the Carbon X3? Try the Carbon X2 or Rocket X.

              7. New Balance FuelCell RC Elite V2

              Enjoy an elevated racing experience in the FuelCell RC Elite V2. This lightweight racing option features a high-rebound FuelCell midsole compound with a full-length carbon fiber plate. 

              A breathable knit upper keeps your foot in place with a lace-up closure for a secure fit while you’re #GoingFast. The midfoot cutout helps reduce weight and plate visibility. 


              • Lightweight racing shoe with a midfoot cutout 
              • Full-length carbon fiber plate 
              • 10mm heel-toe drop 
              • 183g/6.5oz 

              8. New Balance FuelCell TC

              A counterpart to the FuelCell RC Elite, the FuelCell TC is a training shoe with impressive durability. This carbon shoe was designed to be added to the New Balance lineup for training, so you can save the RC Elite for racing and use the TC for training. 


              • Full-length carbon fiber plate 
              • FuelCell foam helps drive you forward 
              • 10mm heel-toe drop
              • 7.3 oz

              9. Puma Deviate Nitro

              The Puma Deviate Nitro is the brand’s first foray into the carbon-plated footwear scene, and it’s a good one.  This shoe lives at the intersection of a daily trainer

              and racing shoe, with a durable full-length rubber outsole to keep you grounded. 


              • 360 reflectivity for low light runs 
              • Lightweight NITRO foam (nitrogen-infused) 
              • Engineered mesh upper 
              • Heel-toe drop 8mm
              • 218g / 7.7oz


              Also, try the Nitro Elite Racer for a race day option. 

              10. Saucony Endorphin Pro 2 

              This is a shoe people have known and loved for a few years. Saucony’s SPEEDROLL tech moves runners in the right direction while maximizing momentum. Elevated cushioning and forefoot rigidity provide a responsive ride without being too hard on your body. 


              • S-curve carbon plate SPEEDROLL tech
              • Heel support and lacing improvements for a comfortable fit 
              • Contains recycled materials 
              • Fully vegan footwear product without leather or other animal ingredients
              • Heel-toe drop 8mm
              • 179g / 6.3oz

              Can’t find your size? Try the Saucony Endorphin Pro instead. 

              Which carbon plated running shoe is right for me? 

              Do you have a favourite brand? If you’re buying your carbon shoes online, start by trying their version of the carbon plated shoe since you know you already like the fit. 

              No favourite brand? Think of your favourite pair of racing shoes or most comfortable shoes, and choose the carbon shoe from that brand. 

              The other great way to figure out which carbon shoe is right for you is to try them on! You want to make sure you’re choosing the most comfortable model since they’re all designed to go fast (when you’ll be at your most uncomfortable). 

              Remember, these shoes will feel different than your everyday running shoes since they were designed for racing. They will take some getting used to. Learn more here if you’re unfamiliar with how carbon shoes work. 

              Curious about carbon plated running shoes? 

              Stop by and ask our expert staff to try on a pair from your favourite brand!